Plissage Euro-Pli: Your pleating specialist.



Are you looking for a trustworthy company to pleat your fabric?


Trust the experience of Plissage Euro-Pli. Since 1901, our firm has been well-established in the pleating of various fabrics.


We are situated in Petegem –aan-de-Schelde and mainly operate all over Belgium.

Pleated fabrics are used for various applications. These fabrics can, for example, be used for apparel, such as skirts, blouses (shirts) or dresses.


In addition, our pleating is very suitable for interior decorating and products such as curtains. We pleat both small and large amounts of fabric.


We will gladly discuss your wishes. You are at the right place for bespoke pleating.

We particularly value the quality-price ratio. We always guarantee a quality finish of your pleating for a competitive price.


Do you want to learn more about pleating, or do you need advice for setting up your collection? Do not hesitate to contact Plissage Euro-Pli.


We will gladly give you more information about our services and will provide you with anything you need. Please take a look on our Facebook page as well!